Lucky Monkey Hotel

Lucky Monkey Hotel,is a concept boutique hotel opening on 01 June 2021.The Hotel welcomes guests overlooking through the Bey mountains on the horizon merging with the turquoise sea of the bay above the 400,000 year old historical cliffs of Antalya with its peaceful nature.

The Hotel is spread over an area of 3,333 m² and is accessible from the stairs to the beach. Having dazzling views of the Mediterranean and elegantly furnished rooms with sleek designs, the Hotel offers a luxurious lifestyle to guests with impeccable service quality.

For those who want to have a relaxing holiday, Lucky Monkey Spa & Welness center offers guests an experience that pampers and stimulates the senses. With traditional Turkish bath setup and extensive Spa treatments, guests are relieved of their stress.

Unforgettable moments await you in this fascinating getaway...

Our facility is in the "Private Accommodation Facility" class given by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

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